Located in Citrus County, Florida, our office oversees the following list of ambulance services: ALS (9-1-1) Long-distance ambulance transport. Special event medical standby services and EMS education opportunities. Additionally, Nature Coast EMS performs all emergent and non-emergent Critical Care Transports as well as basic life support and mental health patients’ inter-facility transports for Citrus County’s numerous hospitals and health care facilities.

Nature Coast EMS’s Mobile Integrated Healthcare – Community Paramedicine (MIHP) program is building on a pilot program that was started on October 1st, 2013 and terminated on December 31st, 2014 due to lack of funding.  This pilot program’s focus was fall prevention, as falls represented 18% of our 911 call responses in 2013.

In Citrus county death due to falls is significantly higher than the rest of the State.  Our Pilot program was able to reduce falls in 2014.  A conservative estimate of healthcare charges avoided is $732,700.00.

Our Customer survey of the Pilot program patients revealed that 100% of our patients were satisfied with 83% of these patients stating “Very Satisfied”.  100% of our patients in the program for falls stated that the program helped to reduce their risk for falling in their home, and none of the participants have been admitted to the hospital for falls since enrollment in the program.  This program demonstrated improved health of the patients enrolled by reducing their risk of falls; reduced healthcare cost for the patients enrolled by reducing the number of avoidable emergency department visits and 911 calls for service; increase customer satisfaction in patients enrolled by improving accessibility and affordability of health care.  The program addresses issues associated with aging, specifically, increased risk of falls.  Overall this program was successful in reducing health care costs, improving customer satisfactions with healthcare, and improved the health of our community. 

Nature Coast EMS’s Critical Care Team

Nature Coast EMS through quality improvement process identified that in the area of interfacility transfers of the most critical patients, the standard paramedic is not appropriately equipped or educated in the management of these high acuity patients.   Locally, when air medical is not available, Nature Coast EMS’s Critical Care Team is the only option for these patients to reach definitive care.  Nature Coast EMS was the lead on the development of the minimum curriculum for Florida’s Critical Care Paramedic Program, and has successfully implemented a Critical Care Paramedic Program at Nature Coast EMS that provides the service of “Critical Care without walls” for the interfacility transfer of the sick and injured as well as the high risk obstetrical patients.  Nature Coast EMS Critical Care Paramedic Course is done with collaboration with local hospitals, Obstetrical Providers, and other partners to offer students the clinical experience that makes the difference.  Nature Coast EMS designed a curriculum and implemented a program to educate critical care paramedics to better serve patients during complicated long-distance transfers to hospitals.  This protocol development and implementation has been shared with other agencies and this education has resulted in better care for our patients. 

Surface Water Rescue Team

Nature Coast EMS started the first in our area, surface water rescue team.  This team trains with local law enforcement and the U. S. Coast Guard.  The joint training is designed to enhance skills of the EMT and Paramedic Team Members on how to assist and mitigate a water rescue incident when faced with these calls. This class requires a lot of in-water activity. A total swim of over 2000 yards is expected for the entire duration of the class. This course of instruction exceeds the NFPA standards for Technical Water Rescue.  Nature Coast EMS is committed to keeping all Team Members safe and has trained all field team members in surface water rescue awareness. The water rescue team members in the photo are two Nature Coast EMS Paramedics, and U.S. Coast Guard Yankeetown Team.

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