Nature Coast EMI Paramedic 1st Time Pass Rate/Retention 2017

The Nature Coast Emergency Medical Institute is an accredited, highly reputable training center with nationally recognized instructors to give you the best educational experience available.

Want to save lives, help others and make a difference in your community? Join our EMT or Paramedic program to become a life-saver today!

Nature Coast EMI offers a variety of classes to keep your skills honed, as well as provides Continuing Education Credits for your profession.

Nature Coast EMI and Nature Coast EMS missions have changed and until further notice there will be no EMT courses offered and paramedic courses will be very limited. For information on paramedic training contact Kevin Meade at (352) 249-4700. For AHA CPR renewals it is recommended that you complete the online course and schedule a skills test with one of our instructors.

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